Green Indoor

No interior space is complete without the final touch of some green plants or flowers. Find your ideal plant here, amongst our selection of indoor plants for all kinds of environments and with special tips and instructions of seasonal favourites for optimal durability and great growing capacity in your home.

Ivy Arum
From 379.00 Nok
Yucca Green Out Of Stock
Yucca Green
From 98.00 Nok
Ficus Interior Plant Out Of Stock
Ficus Interior Plant
From 390.00 Nok
Air Cleansing Indoor Plant
Air Cleansing Indoor Plant
From 290.00 Nok
Green Indoor Zamioculcas
From 180.00 Nok
Indoor Green Palm Out Of Stock
Indoor Green Palm
From 450.00 Nok
Areka Palm
Areka Palm
From 890.00 Nok
Ivy Indoor Cascade
Ivy Indoor Cascade
From 150.00 Nok
Monstera deliciosa
Monstera deliciosa
From 199.00 Nok
Winterbell Helleborus Plant Out Of Stock
Winterbell Helleborus Plant
From 180.00 Nok
Purple Phalaenopsis
From 220.00 Nok