Green Outdoor

Gardens, Terraces or Entrances are not the same without plants and flowers. Bonita Flowers will adorn these for you, deliver and even plant them, if needed. 
Find your favourite plants here or call us for special requests. We can get everything that is in season for you.

 Laurus Nobilis Out Of Stock
Laurus Nobilis
From 1200.00 Nok
Olive tree in a pot Out Of Stock
Olive tree
From 850.00 Nok
Lavender tree in a pot Out Of Stock
Lavender tree in a pot
From 350.00 Nok
Buxus Outdoor Plant Out Of Stock
Buxus Outdoor Plant
From 450.00 Nok
Calluna Autumn plant Out Of Stock
Calluna Autumn plant
From 109.00 Nok
Winterbell Helleborus Plant Out Of Stock
Winterbell Helleborus Plant
From 180.00 Nok