Lunch Menu

If you are concious of your diet, but enjoy food way too much to compromise your delicious lunches, you can visit Bonita´s café and indulge in the home made delights of the lunch menu, or even have your favourites delivered to your office on a busy day. Bonita`s wraps are filled with goodness, prepared from scratch, with original and tasty fillings. So are the special salads and freshly made sandwhiches with multi grain bread rolls and low calory fillings. 

Bonita Lunch Wrap
Bonita Lunch Wrap Menu
From 98.00 Nok
Bonita`s Salad
Bonita Salad Menu
From 79.00 Nok
Bonita Sandwhich Menu
From 79.00 Nok
Bonita`s Daily Soup
Bonita Daily Soup Menu
From 79.00 Nok