Autumn Violet

Autumn Violet

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This fantastic como is the new fresh style for autumn in 2018. It brings together some of our best rose varieties, directly imported from Colombia. We call them Moody Blues, Esperance and Pink Mondial, and the special twist to this design is featuring of cabbage like greens to reflect the post summer season, in which we start to embrace the breeze in the air and enjoy the subtle change of temperature as the cosy Halloween and pre Christmas phase approaches. 

The blue green eucalyptus details reseembles a certain coldness in the air, and a gentle touch of orange fillers underline the traditional autumn colours in an original way. 


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As displayed 590,- 

Medium (approx 35cm height and min. 15 roses) 750,-

Large (approx 45cm heigh and min. 24 roses) 950,-