Citrus Joy Flowers

Citrus Joy Flowers

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This fantastic mood booster consists of the freshest, glowing flowers of the autumn season. 
The beautifully enhancing bright yellow Gerberas are surrounded by a brilliant combination of seasonal goodies, that will brighten your day and make you smile. We work with capsicum reds and orange shades for a flash of spicy flavours, which are complemented with unique colours of the typical autumn cabbage greens, for a smooth balance in the overall design. 
The fiery roses bring elegance and passion to this already lively flower arrangement which will guaranteed, brighten your day. 

Make this the sweetest birthday present of the year or gift it to someone who has deserved something special, motivating, joyful and mood lifting. 
Our fresh cut flowers do the job, and we will do our magic to create this special decoration fresh, on the same day as your order. 

The best thing about these flowers in a box decorations are that they last very long, given that they are placed in a compact setting and are usually short, which prevents the flowers from bending and wilting. The decoration can live on and so can the lovely mood and surprise feeling of the person who gets to enjoy this stunner!