Pastel preservation

Pastel preservation

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Here we have one of our seasonal favourites. What you see is a beautiful composition of gentle, soft pink roses, of a fresh and long lasting variety, imported directly from Colombia, in combination with the latest fashion in floral decorations, a mix of perserved flowers in different pink, purple and natural shades. 
The beauty of these type of bouquets is that they have no expiration date. The trick is to hang the bouquet upside down, before the fresh pink roses start to wilt. Then they will dry and slightly fade in colour, while still perserving their shape and structure, and perfectly blending in with the rest of the perserved flowers which can last for more than a year. 
If you get bored of the same bouquet, you can just use the various elements within it and mix them up with other greens or fresh cut flowers. Get creative, the possibilities are endless!

The bouquet, as displayed can also be ordered in bigger sizes. Just select your preferred size option and we will compose your custom order on the same day. 

As displayed, consists of approx 10 roses in the mix. 
Large will buy you approx 20 roses
XL  will boost the size to a whooping 30 stems proportional mix of perserved flowers. Knock yourself out !