Germini Serenity

Germini Serenity

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Germini Serenity er en utsøkt bukett av myke pastellfargede germini som er perfekt for enhver anledning.


Germini Serenity is an exquisite bouquet of soft pastel coloured germini that are perfect for any occasion. Delicate yet full of warmth and beauty, these sophisticated flowers will bring a comforting and calming feel to your home or office. Their lightly fragranced blooms offer an understated beauty and elegance, creating a gentle ambience and perfectly depicting your sentiments. With the rich, creamy shades of the petals and their sparkling, centred pistils these germini are sure to bring a charm and class to any setting. This bouquet is particularly suited for those honouring the memory of a loved one, or sending thoughtful wishes to those in need. Gift Germini Serenity to those who appreciate the beauty of a subtle yet remarkable flower, or treat yourself to a serene moment and simply enjoy their tranquil aura.

Small: 20 stems
Regular: 30 stems
Medium: 40 stems