Preserved Mystique

Preserved Mystique

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The cold and misty season calls for robust and long last florals to warm our hearts and adorne our houses. 
This is why we´ve kicked off with our fabulous "eternal" bouquets of preserved flowers in all sorts of combinations. The great thing about them, is that you can keep them pretty much all year long. The colours may very gradually fade to lighter tones, but this just makes them even more versatile. In the spring, you may want to move the bouquet to a different room. In the summer, this bouquet will resist the heat and sunshine by a window for example. 

In this particular combination you have the voluminous blossoms in grey-blue, greens and purple shades, centred among blooms in fresh lilac tones and seasonal fillers. 
The colours are inspired by the advents season, but given an artistic and timeless twist. 
The depicted size is a small to medium sized bouquet, ideal for a wide range of normal sized vases, and suitable for many different display surfaces. If you want to take it that one step further, go for "large", and you´ll have a bouquet, boosted in width and height, working as the perfect eye-catcher for an entrance foyer or a lounge area decoration.