Preserved Winter Bouquet

Preserved Winter Bouquet

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The cold and misty season calls for robust and long last florals to warm our hearts and adorne our houses. 
This is why we´ve kicked off with our fabulous "eternal" bouquets of preserved flowers in all sorts of combinations. The great thing about them, is that you can keep them pretty much all year long. The colours may very gradually fade to lighter tones, but this just makes them even more versatile. 
In this particular case we´ve worked with winter inspired blue and white tones mixed with white branche elements and so much more. The bouquet provides a wide range of ingredients, all packed into a modest size decoration made of 100% natural blooms. 
The displayed size of our wintery beauty is good for small surfaces. It takes up very little space, adorning seamslessly and in subtle yet excellent style. 
You could also go for our larger version, which would be a bit higher and certainly more voluminious. This would work well for an eyecatcher decoration in larger open spaces. 
It´s an absolute "no-fuss" solution for stylish interior decor, or even for outdoor tables. 
The preserved flowers bouquets are our newest best seller editions because they are suitable for every type of occasion and are so neutral in style, which makes them non-gender specific! An important aspect, particularly in more public spaces, which makes it also ideal for a special surprise delivery to the work space. And the list of ideas goes on and on :)