White Celebration

White Celebration

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In this fine bouquet of high quality "Mondial" roses, directly imported from our Colombian rose farms, we display the ultimate festivity bouquet with a subtle touch of national colours, taking shape in form of a simple, minimalistic satin bow. It`s a low key, no fuss decoration that speaks for itself. 

The Mondial rose variety is one of the bestsellers, which we have been importing for over 10 years now, as it never fails to amaze with excellent strength and durability. 

The white is refreshing as it sometimes even has a hint of citrus lime green shades along the outside pedals, and as the rose unfolds into it`s absolute beautiful, blossomed state, the white becomes softer, warmer and more pure by the day. 

Our "White Celebration" bouquet can be customised with the bow colours of your choice to match any national day, or other themed festivities. 

We offer 3 standard sizes: 
Small: Contains 15 roses
Medium: As displayed, contains 30 roses
Deluxe: contains 45 roses