White Wonder

White Wonder

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The White Wonder bouquet is designed for the natural look, with lush greens, and a more wild or even asymmetrical look. 
We use some of our beautiful cream coloured roses, combined with pure white seasonal peonies, and exclusive, voluminous carnations blooms. Both roses as well as carnations are top quality flowers, which we import directly from Colombia.

This pallet of different white shades works well with all traditional and slightly less conventional white bridal gowns, but also blends in well for a diverse colour range for the brides maids theme. 

The extra large eucalyptus stems give the bouquet a slightly more wild and natural feel than the usual traditional round bouquets. 
We mix it up with a touch of one of the all time favourite wedding blooms, the popular Gypsophila, or also called "baby`s breath". 

Choose between two sizes for brides maids or the bride. 
We can also use different coloured roses for brides maids, if you wish to keep this style in an alternative variation for the bridal party.