Elven Forest Florals

Elven Forest Florals

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Our Elven forest design contains some beautiful shades of purple, greens and berry blues amidst the classic and refreshing white Mondial rose to brighten it up a bit. The silver Christmas bauble adds the special spark to this decoration which is otherwise inspired but a magical forrest theme. 
The winter months in Norway, Oslo, are dark and cold, so we like to mix it up a bit with some less traditional ideas, to offer alternatives to the usual reds and white. This floral basket contains nothing but fresh flowers, sourced directly from the market and colombian rose farms. 
The durabilty of these flowers is exceptional, which makes it even more joyous to gift one of these beauties. You get to accompany your lucky friends and family through a stunning and unique seasonal decoration, which will blend in beautifully in different interior design homes, while standing out in style and finesse. 

Go for a small decoration for more formal relations, make that subtle impacts by leaving a quiet, yet outstanding impression. 
Select medium or large for that extra wow effect, and precious loved ones. With the medium sized one, we´ll put together a more voluminous and rich decoration, containing a larger amount of these premium quality roses and for large you´ll find a even more boosted version in height and width of up to 35cm diameter and 20cm height.