Helleborus Bliss

Helleborus Bliss

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The Helleborus plant is a timeless beauty, ideal to decorate during the winter season. It is a hardy plant, that can overcome extreme cold temperatures and is often seen growing wild in the forest and mountains as the height provides ideal conditions for the plants roots. It blossoms every year, and is probably one of the few plants that will stand strong and bloom in snowy landscapes. The minimalstic flower, usually in white, sometimes in slight purple shades, is very popular in modern homes and makes for a stunning decoration. We love to combine the sturdy Helleborus in a rough and rustic stone pot as it goes well with the survival characteristics of this plant and provides a solid foundation for the delicate flowers to bloom safely. 

The plant & pot combo will last you throughout the whole winter season. If you plant them outdoors, you´ll find that the plant will gratefully return the following year! 

A 290kr investment is all this lasting joy costs you now!