Longlasting Xmas

Longlasting Xmas

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Another fantastic variation of our preserved bouquet collection. This little stunner is just what you need for the annual Christmas vibe. No need to go into overkill with lights, gold and glitter. 
Sometimes less is more, and our "Longlasting Xmas" bouquet is just that! Small, cute, stylish and of course festive - but without the overkill. 
We´ve designed a compilation of beautiful decorative florals and seasonsal goodies, all real and preserved, for maximum durability, for your ideal annual give-away. Go for the Small size, if you want to make the perfect little gesture, which will set anyone straight into the best mood, or go Medium or Large, for that special extra "Wow" effect. (The image shows three small bouquets merged into one large)
The style and feel of this beauty is so versatile. It really works well in all shapes and sizes, so it´s up to you, to decide which size suits you or the lucky receiver of this bouquet, best.

Don´t forget that you can use this beauty pretty much everywhere, since the preserved flowers will not need any care or change of water, it can stand in sun or shade, cold or warm. It´s quite perfect for office decorations too, so why not surprise someone one a cold and dull winter day at work. 
It takes so very little to spread the joy and Christmas is one of the seasons, where we tend to go all out, so let´s make no exception this time. But this time, think practical, sustainable and natural - go for a preserved bouquet and you´ll tick all those boxes!