Peachy Christmas

Peachy Christmas

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Our Peachy Christmas decoration is yet another one for our unique and different collection. One of those combos you will probably not find anywhere else in Oslo, so look no further! We combine peachy pastel roses, a variety named "Vendela", another one called "Tiffany" and the fresh "Mondial" white, with a beautiful and unique Phaleonopsis (Orchid) blending the pastel shades with a touch of soft pink. 
You might think "what on earth has this got to do with Christmas", but here´s where we add that special twist, by simply including some rustic, cunchy pine cones and leaves. This provides solidity, structure, seasonal scent and of course the winter association, right amidst a spring colour pallet, because why not! 

To round it all off, some quite fabulous golden Ruskus leaves pop out in between and offer reflection to the soothing candle that shines from the middle. 
The best about our candle bloom decorations is, that you can enjoy them through out a period of several weeks, which is pretty much aligned with our advent candle lighting traditions. 

You can choose between small, medium and large, so knock yourself out :)