Violet Gold

Violet Gold

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The Violet Gold decoration is another one to add to our beautiful Christmas Candle Bloom collection. 
We combine a chunky white candle here, with a dreamy decor of fresh flowers surrounding the candle. Even though we only use fresh flowers, you can be assured that this decoration will last you several weeks, to accompany the lovely ambience of a shimmery and shining candle during the cold and dark winter days. 
We do like to mix it a bit but using less conventional colours, as you can probably find red and white flowers all over Oslo at this time of the year. 
But why not go for some subtle pink and purple shades to combine with the wonderful "Vendela" Rose and some golden sparkly branches for that seasonal touch. 
Who says you can´t create your own colour pallet, as long as you create an atmospheric design, which with that centred candle has been effortlessly achieved. 
That's how easy it is to do something slightly different. 

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