Cream White Roses

Cream White Roses

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If you are looking to make the most exquisite gesture of the year, you have found your perfect match within the world of floral decor. 
This magnificent arrangement is a perfect, classic round bouquet of a whooping fifty or ONE HUNDRED ROSES. They aren't just any kind of roses. The roses we use for this absolute best seller, are no less than the prestige, long lasting, and long stemmed Colombian rose variety called "Vendela". The subtle and elegant off white, cream coloured rose, portrays pure elegance and exclusivity. 
This is not a bouquet for just any other occasion, as it will be quite hard to top it. It's simplicity is one of the grand virtues, while top quality practically speaks for it self. 

With this ultimate bouquet of Vendela roses, you can be sure to make an everlasting impact. 

However, we agree. that sometimes it can be a bit over the top, which is why you have the option to select the smaller, half size as an alternative solution for 50 roses a more reasonable size and a beauty as well