Dusty Pink Basket

Dusty Pink Basket

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These fabulous florals in a basket are carefully composed of the stylish and exquisite blooms and pink, beautiful pink roses. The decoration is rounded up with seasonal fillers to create atmosphere and adorne appropriately. The fresh notes of white blossom detail among the pink colours, brighten the arrangement and bring it alive.
The advantage of such a composition, is that the density helps the flowers to maintain upright and avoid wilting too quickly. In general, this is a wonderful bonus aspect of these florals in basket decorations, as the decreased lengh of flower stems provides the flower blossoms with more immediate water and humidity coming from the base they are set in. This helps to keep them fresher for longer, and avoid colours fading too quickly or flowers wilting prematurely. 
Once the base runs out of water, it can either be "watered" like a plant, in order to keep it humid for longer, or you may want to try to dry the flowers and convert this little stunner into an everlasting "antique" decoration. 

 While they are still fresh however, we strongly recommend to keep fresh cut flowers away from direct sunlight, as this will make them wilt almost instantly.