Forbidden Beauty

Forbidden Beauty

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This fantastic decoration is beautifully put together with some of our most precious deep purple roses, directly imported from Colombia. The variety is called "Moody Blues" and is outstanding among the many other rose varieties we bring. 
It is one of the largest roses, with an enchanting scent once the pedals unfold. The decoration includes some refreshing white chrysanthemum and a pallet of violet carnations, alstroemerias and seasonal fillers. 
We call it the forbidden beauty, because it is composed of an unusual mix of purple coloured floras, making this a unique and intensely beautiful decoration. 
Suitable for those with strong characters, that love to stand out and try something different. 

The rose in a box decoration is our newest design, which proves to be very popular amongst our wide range of clients from across the world. It`s stylish, simple, and not least - very practical for all kinds of occasion.
The great thing is that you save money on vases and pots, which you can instead spend on more breathtaking flowers to make an impression!