The Open Heart

The Open Heart

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Our "Open Heart" funeral decoration is a beautiful edition composed with top quality, best seller roses, directly imported from Colombia. 
The main variety we use for this stunner, is called "Esperance". It's a variety we've been bringing to our shops in Norway for over 10 years, as it never ceases to amaze in it's incredible durability, outstanding beauty and precious shape. The rose pedals unfold into a magnificent and extra large bloom, bringing the final size to a breathtaking crown. 
We like to play with some contrast, to accent the amazing size of the Esperance rose, by combining with a much smaller variety of either african roses or spray roses.
A petite, classic and tasteful white rose in pure perfection surrounds the inbetweens, and is balanced with a delicate amount of gypsophila and eucalyptus leaves. 
Together this design creates such an uplifting feeling, hence it's simple and well deserved name "Open Heart". 


The design on display meassures about 45cm in height, and costs 1.800kr. 

Go for an even larger version, if your decoration shall be placed as the main floral arrangement near the coffin. The large version costs 3500kr.