Lilac Winter Box

Lilac Winter Box
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Product Details

There are endless possibilities for flower compositions, which makes it so exciting for us to present you with new products and unique solutions. 
Right now, we are focusing on a collection of decorations made of fresh flowers, plants and greens, that create an original design compilation of natural products, suitable for the fresh autumn and winter season. This mystical "Lilac Winter Box" ticked all the boxes. 
All ingredients are seasonal goodies, that can resist the cool air, yet survive our cosy and heated homes. 
However, we definitely recommend to keep these type of decorations away from direct heat, or radiators, as it will cause for the flowers to loose shape faster. 

Having said that, we must however also mention that the flowers in a box collection is specially designed to last longer than what you are used to from vases. You may think it´s the opposite, but in fact, fresh flowers last a lot longer when they are cut short and set in a compact decoration. You may also like to keep the base a bit moist here and there, to maintain the freshness even longer, but the idea of the box arrangement is actually to be practical and stylish. It´s a no-fuss solution. No need for regularly cutting stems or changing the water. Just let the flowers be, as they are, posing in pure beauty and excellence. 

This particular decoration is meant for winter and autumn time, as one of the main elements here is a seasonal plant. If you really love the look and colour pallet, you can however order it all year round and we will just exchange for the appropriate seasonal replacement, while maintaining the overall feel and colour theme of blue, purples and not to forget, our special, Mondial roses from Colombia.

Substitution Policy: While every effort is made to ensure the product and colour selected will be used, circumstances may arise due to seasonal availability where containers and flower colours and varieties may be substituted with that of the same or higher value and suitability. If the contents vary dramatically the customer will be notified for permission to substitute.

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