Majestic Blues

Majestic Blues

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This absolute majestic decoration of one of our all time favourite varieties called "Moody Blues", directly imported from Colombia, is a true masterpiece created with the pure and simple perfection of these heavenly scented long stemmed roses. The decoration contains about 70 of these fantastic, long lasting beauties which unfold in delightful precision. The colour is truly unique. There are few real and fresh flowers, that have this deeply intense and hypnotising natural purple shade. 
It's a colour that works all year round, adapting to the environment in style and class. You can style them with pure or cream white shades, keep it interesting with bold and funky colours for a brave, modern look, or combine with deep velvet reds for a lovely, romantic experience. 
In this particular bouquet we've kept it raw and simple, to let the "Moody Blue" roses shine and speak for themselves. 

It's a guaranteed winner!