Mondial Winter
Winter Mondial (Exclusive only to december)

Mondial Winter basket

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Going off the traditional decorations for the winter seasons, we´ve created this composition of pure white, "Mondial" roses, directly imported from Colombia, centered in a floral box with silvery branches, XL eucalyptus leaves in blue-greyish colour and subtle purple elements, commonly used for advent decorations. 
The beautiful thing about this versatile colour pallet, is that it could just as well be suitable for any other time of the year, if you´re going for a chic and elegant theme with a slightly daring twist. 

It´s unique and of great quality, because as you may know, our colombian roses have an exceptional durability, unlike any other roses on the market. 

Not only are the massive, and breathtakingly beautiful, they unfold at a slow pace, allowing the flower to maintain the upright and rather majestic pose, throughout a longer period of time. 
One of the reasons, these flowers in a box are so popular is also related to the outstanding durability. You see, the shorter the stem of a fresh cut flower, the longer the flower will last. In some way, it is as if the blossom has less work to stay hydrated, given the shorter stem length through which it usually gets hydrated. This sort of preserves the energy and keeps the flowers from wilting too quickly. Apart from that, the compact design of these decorations have a functional aspect, in which the flowers are supported by one another, and therefore also stay in place. 
Instead of wilting when the decorations has reached it´s age, the flowers just start to dry out, which then also makes for an excellent more "antique" decoration.