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Baby girl

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Silk Funeral Ribbon*

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This wonderful combination of stylish roses, set in a stylish base and surrounded by the most fresh peach coloured ones is one of our new favorites this season. It provides a perfect warmth, and is a wonderful combination that is presented as a large basket of sweet berries. The colors are unique and modern, and can easily be combined with darker or lighter tones. White, minimalist modern homes will benefit from a refreshing feel that this bouquet provides, while darker interiors will be enhanced with more warmth with freshness. You can use such a decoration for all kinds of occasions and it can easily be placed on different surfaces, low or high, as you can enjoy the sight of these beautiful flowers from every angle. Decorations that are set in a box or a basket base are portable and can be moved from one room to another, where you feel it fits best into the atmosphere. The best part is that there is no maintenance required for this type of arrangement. Considering they're compact and short, you'll notice they last longer than the traditional bouquets with long styles in a vase, which certainly have their own appeal, but this modern and practical solution is definitely a new favourite!