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Silk Funeral Ribbon*

*Only For Funeral Arrangements
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NOTE: The decoration  is made round box, choose between White or black in the further instructions cell, depending on stock availability we might use other color.

For this decoration we have chosen a careful combination of refreshing spring nuances, to brighten the days of a long winter, right in time for Mothers day or Valentines. 
We've selected the everlasting peachy pink "Sylvie" roses in combination with a juicy touch of "Cherry Brandy" and deep red roses, directly imported from Colombia. 
It's a unique mix, that will bring a special glow to the room, enhancing the atmosphere of its surroundings.
The delicate, peach coloured Gerbera flower gives the decoration a smooth finish, which blends all features nicely together. We also use lime green carnations, a variety that you probably have not seen before!
Our exclusive mix is one of Bonita's signature styles - a careful and unexpected fusion of pure delight.

Roses in a box are the new best seller of all seasons for online flower orders to be delivered all across the city. They are practical, stylish and so effortlessly versatile in style!