Sweet Passionate Spring

Sweet Passionate Spring

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Silk Funeral Ribbon*

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NOTE: The decoration  is made round box, choose between White or black in the further instrutions box, depending on stock availability we might use other color.

A fabulous orange flower box with the rose variety Cherry Brandy nicely in celofan with a ribbon.This fantastic decoration says it all. The juicy cherry brandy colour bring a rich and warm feeling to the interior space. Roses in a box are the new all time favourite when it comes to sending presents from across the city, country or globe!
You can be assured to only receive the freshest roses, with refreshing green fillers for a natural, stylish look. 
It´s the perfect gift for any occasion really, because we love practical things! 
You no longer need to worry about the hassle of washing and refilling any vases, and you´ll easily find the perfect spot to dispaly this gorgeous decoration, because this compact design fits everywhere. 
An ideal compliment to modern, simple and minimalistic homes that just need that one little colour splash, which our spectacular Cherry Brandy roses delicately provide.