White Deluxe

White Deluxe

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Silk Funeral Ribbon*

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NOTE: The decoration  is made round box, choose between White or black in the further instrutions box, depending on stock availability we might use other color.

24 white deluxe roses set in an MDF box with oasis foam for maximal durability. 
Ideal decoration for modern homes, hotels or offices, where little care for flowers is required and the decoration enhances the interior effortlessly.

Internationally it's become quite popular to send out flowers in this way, as it's a very practical solution, that adapts to the various interior environments: 
Elegant homes, minimalist galleries, corporate offices, modern living rooms. 

Once set in floral foam, as done with this box decoration, the flowers can often last even longer. The foam can be watered moderately in between to avoid it from drying out, which keeps the roses fresh too. 

Try to place the decoration in a colder corner or unheated room at nights, and you'll most likely be able to enjoy for almost twice as long.