Autumn Rustique

Autumn Rustique

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A new trend for preserved florals is beginning to rise and Bonita has them all in their local shops. You will find a fantastic range of seasonal flowers, dried, coloured and perserved for long lasting quality decoration. This bouquet is one of our best sellers, in particularly for the cool autumn season. The warm combination of subtle orange tones combined with the fresh and cool eucalyptus leaves bring the dark corners to life and enhance a minimalistic, contemporary  interior design.
The amazing thing about these perserved bouquets is, that you can re arrange the components into new creations throughout the whole year. Combine them with fresh roses or tulips for some juicy blooms all around your living area. 

Another reason why these bouquets are so popular is that they are incredibly versatile. They are a modest creation of natural blooms, but the dried colours, give a special effect, which blends in nicely in all kinds of interiors and work well for both men and women of all ages. 

If some extra fresh colours are required, one can always add a few stems of fresh cuts here and there to keep things interesting. 
But the base bouquet will always stay stylish and beautiful, no matter what the temperature is like. Heat or too cold climates often have a quite strong impact on fresh flowers, which is why they usually only last for some days. But this will no longer be a problem with our preserved flowers.