Deluxe Celebration

Deluxe Celebration

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Silk Funeral Ribbon*

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This marvellous bouquet of high quality roses, directly imported from Colombia, stands out beautifully in pure simple style, with finesse and extravaganza all at once. 
It`s designed to impress, which is why we use our finest, extra large roses, knowing for their outstanding durability. 
Combine this with a subtle, yet eye catching satin ribbon fashioned in national colours, and you`ve got yourself an exquisite decoration for the special occasion. 
You may feel like sending a little celebrational boost to your family or friends, or you might just decide to order this one for your own party decoration. 
Either way, it`s a memorable bouquet and will last throughout the entire week. 

Choose between two sizes: 
Small: Includes a total of 30 roses 
Large: As displayed, includes a total of 60 roses