Pastel Pink

Pastel Pink

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This large sympathy funeral bouquet contains around 40 extra large, colombian roses filled with pistache branches that are layed out in a feather to provide a gentle bedding for the florals to be layed on the ground. 

The off pink shade is a less traditional choice for this occasion but conveys a lovely, gentle and more perhaps a more warming fare well, whilst also making it a more personal and individualised bouquet for the deceased. 

Bonita Flower´s create each and every bouquet with a subtle personal twist, and always using the absolute fresh, stunning roses from stock. 

For funerals, the roses are made to unfold perfectly into the correct size that is most appreciated during the ceremony, look at it´s best and most precious. 

While many florists use older flowers for these occasion, we like to assure top quality and long durability, even if the flowers are to be layed on the ground outdoors.