Priceless Pastel

Priceless Pastel

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The gentle combination of peach and pastel pinks adorn this little stunner with exclusivity and style. The fresh flowers used for this decoration are roses of different varieties and sizes to create a special texture to the otherwise perfectly rounded shape. The antique coloured carnations bring more structure and volume to the mix and the refreshing white and light green fillers allow for this creation to breathe organically. 
The whole design is topped off with some of the most precious Phalaenopsis orchids with extra large, white blooms, highlighting the noble and grand touch of this beauty. 
It's the perfect centerpiece for a very special occasion and transmits style and pure elegance, whilst blending smoothly into the surroundings. 


Choose the ideal size : 
Small: Approx. 35cm diameter, 12cm height

As displayed: approx. 45cm diameter 15cm height

Large: approx. 50cm diamter and 18cm height.