Red Deluxe

Red Deluxe

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NOTE: The decoration  is made round box, choose between White or black in the further instrutions box, depending on stock availability we might use other color.

The deep red roses set in an elegant MDF box with oasis foam, for maximum durability. 
Pure elegance and style, suitable for modern homes, offices, corporate gifts and a perfect gift idea for flower lovers who don't necessarily have that green thumb to keep flowers nice and fresh. 
The 'Rose in a box' concept will stay lovely and fresh for at least 7 days, depending on room temperatures. It's today's new floral trend all across the globe. 
The practicality comes secondary to the great stylish effect this type of decoration has. 

We use our very long lasting, Colombian roses, which are directly imported from farms in Bogota, by air freight. 
As soon as our roses arrive in Norway, we proceed with our "TLC" to make sure our shops are all filled with the best roses in town, providing top quality and exceptional durability. 

In cooler temperatures our roses can last up to 2-3 weeks, therefore we always recommend to place the decoration in a room that is not heated, during the nights.