Terms & Conditions

The flowers are delivered to the address you specify, it is therefore important that you are sure that the recipient is residing there and that the address is correct. Bonita Flowers is unable to take responsibility for orders that are delivered due to lacking or incorrect information provided by the customer.The receiver in most cases, is not called prior to delivery.The phone number in most cases in only used, when there is some sort of trouble to find the house or for example the entrance door. 

Bonita Flowers reserves the right to either hang on door or deliver to neighbor in cases where the recipient is not at home.In freezing temperatures the flowers will first be tried to deliver to the neighbor. If the neighbor can not receive the flowers, they will either be left by recipients door with adequate packaging, or delivered back to the store.
Return of flowers to shop happens when the recipient is not at home, wrong address, wrong phone number, or other causes which means that we can not contact the recipient. You will be contacted by our Customer Service the day after delivery, or as soon as possible with the message return. If the cause is due to incorrect information given by customer, or that the recipient didn't answer our callss, then the flowers must either be collected from our store by recipient or the customer has to pay for a second delivery.

If as customer, you did not leave a phone number we can meet you on, we will attempt to find your number online in order to be able to give you a delivery update, or to get answers on any other questions about your order. We encourage you to provide your mobile number with all bookings.

Delivery to private individuals and companies

Delivery to private customers is mainly in the afternoon and evening. We can not guarantee delivery times, but most orders are shipped after 15:00 and until approximately 9:00 p.m. Delivery to businesses occurs within normal office hours. Office hours are defined as PM. 8:00 to 5:00 p.m. We only delivered to the reception unless you have provided exact details of floor and door number of the office. If no further details have been indicated, Bonita Flowers is not responsible for further delivery of your order after they have been delivered to the reception. It must be clear by the order that it is an office / business.

Delivery to hospitals, hotels ,..

It is the buyer's responsibility to check that the patient / guest is present when the flower is determined to be delivered. It is also the buyer's responsibility to check whether they can receive flowers. Some hospitals are flowers free. Intensive, cardiac and pulmonary departments often have restrictions on flowers. Department / room must be specified in order.

If we send out flowers to patients / guests who can not receive them, please note that we can not refund the amount. Flowers can be sent to another address if requested, and this would incur a delivery charge on the buyers expense.

Sold or not available products

If selected product is not available or is sold out, we will reserve the option to replace it with a similar item. In some cases we will contact you if the replacement product deviate greatly from the original order.

5 day warranty

We follow consumer laws regarding respite. Flowers and plants are considered perishable and exchanged only if the quality is not satisfactory. Our cut flowers have 5-day durability guarantee. We promise that the flowers will stay fresh and fine at least five days, if you treat them right.

Customers Privacy

We assure that all data received from our Customers are kept private and will not be used for any promotional purpose unless requested by customer

Return, Cancellation and Refund Policy

We accept returns of all non perishable products was long as they are in good condition and the purchase receipt can be presented.
For non perishable porducts we refer to our 5 days warranty.
All returns are handeled with immediate replacement or a store credit with no limited date. We do not issue any cash refunds.
In case of an order cancellation, we can issue full refund for items that were in stock on order date.
Individual, customised orders for specific items that are not in stock or larger volumes that need more planning and notice time, we can not offer a full refund. These orders are usually paid with a non refundable deposit. The outstanding amount is charged before delivery. In case of cancellation this amount will not be charged. The non refundable deposit can be negotiated

Age policy

Customers that order online, paying by credit card or paypal need to be min.18 years old.