The Pink Heart Bouquet

The Pink Heart Bouquet

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This fantastic creation of an extra large bouquet composed with a centered heart shape, makes for an excellent, grand gesture of love and appreciation to someone special. We use our most exclusive, soft pink, Colombian roses. A variety called "Sylvie" which unfolds in the most majestic way, leaving you speechless and amazed by it`s incredible scent and beauty. 

The roses work stylishly with Silver Dollar Eucalyptus leaves, breaking up the sweet and gentle pink tones into a more modern and stylish solution, blending into all interior spaces. 
A little bit of the classic Gypsophila blossoms are a must for this creation, and give this rich bouquet a sense of ease and light weight. 


Choose your ideal size: 

Medium: 30 long stemmed roses, Eucalyptus and Gypsophila mix

As Displayed: 50 long stemmed rose, Eucalyptus and Gypsophila mix