Tulip Multimix
100 tulips

Tulip Multimix

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The delighful tulip mix bouquet offers a variety of colours, all the way from white, soft pink to deep purple, red and orange shades, which all together blend beautifully into a spring-summer explosion, suitable for practically every occasion. 

The norwegian grown tulips last particularly long in your vases, as we've cut all intermediaries and brought these straight from the farms, to ensure maximum quality and optimal durability.

The smallest pack contains 15 stems, and you can add as many packs as you wish. For special occasions, we recommend a lush and generous bunch of 3 packs, which we combine for you and delivery in gorgeous gift wrapping. 
The bouquet can then be displayed in one large vase, or spread out to several smaller vases, decorating all over the home. 

A special tip for tulips we always like to share with our customers is to give them a short, straight cut when you receive the bunch, as often, they are kept dry in the shops, and therefore need a fresh cut in order to really soak up the water. Fill the vase with only a few centimeters of water, and rather refill as you go along. Don't add too much water from the start, as this might make the tulips grow too fast and wild, which can sometimes lead to them tilting sooner. 
With less water, they will grow slowly and simultaneously open up beautifully, whilst growing strength to hold the open blooms for as long as possible.

Note: If the avaliability of normal tulips is scarced we will use double petal tulips that since they are larger, and pricier we will use less tulips.

instead of 15 we will use 10

instead of 30, 20 etc.