Rose Peach Box

Rose Peach Box

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This grande design of pure class is certainly one of our very favourites of the exclusive collection.
We´ve chosen to combine our special "Sylvie" roses, which unfold precioulsy in what may be the biggest rose heads you will have seen, with the classic and elegant "Vendela" variety, for a smooth surface. 
Its the perfect combination for a special occasion, ideal for celebrations or special occasions. The precious combination of these top quality colombian roses, with the slightly wild looking aelstromerias and a modern touch of blue grey-ish eucalypto leaves is one of "Bonita Flowers" signature designs, as the varieties we use, can only be found in rare farms, which we work with.
This new style of "Roses in a box" is the trendy gift solution from across the globe. 
An ideal solution to brighten someones day, without the hassle of finding vases, space and having to arrange bouquets or refill the water. All that is required is to find the favourite spot and place the decoration right there whilst being reminded every day of the special person who sent it!