Violet Dream

Violet Dream

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A dreamy beauty consisting of fresh cut, long stemmed Colombian rose varieties named Vendela and Sweetness. These two classics create a seamless and natural fusion of beauty and make for ultimate elegance and style. 
We love adding those fresh eucalyptus leaves, which go magically well with soft and warm pink and cream tones. The blue and silvery colour of eucalyptus breaks up the sweetness and provides that special twist, preventing it to look too tacky or conventional. 
It roughens up the inevitable tenderness the roses portrait in this bouquet, just enough to enhance the natural aspect of this stunning and long lasting bouquet. 

Did you know that our roses last up to 2-3 weeks if you treat them well? 
Cut the stems regularly, no need to use special knives, just give them a fresh trim, so that they can absorb clean water once in a while and stop them from wilting too soon. Keep them out of sunshine and if possible even set them in a cooler room at night. You'll see, they will be grateful and show this with a longer lasting freshness in colour and leaves.