Golden Violet

Golden Violet

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Our Golden Violet floral creation is this seasons rather unconventional design, bringing together some fine and fabulous florals to create a unique combo to spice things up a bit in this traditional season. It´s for the bold, the different, the fresh and daring. You can find red and white flowers all over Oslo, but few places will dare to reinvent what this season could be all about. Purple haze and golden blaze make this floral arrangement shine and shimmer throughout the dark and cold winter days that we experience in Norway. With such little day light, you really need every bit of sparkle to brighten up your day. 

We have chosen to combine our incredible long lasting, colombian rose variety called "Moody Blues" with some sweet seasonal elements. A deep purple rose, which smells like heaven and unfolds like an angel is the protagonist of this decoration. Surrounded by wintery pine cones and branches, bewildered with some fancy prothea beauties and pimped up with the gold shimmer twigst and smooth centered candle, this decoration screams festive vibes!

You can choose between the size as displayed in the image, starting at 380kr, or go for medium or large arrangements, depending on the kind of impact you wish to make. A medium size decoration will measure about 20cm in diameters and contain a richer purple vibe, as we add some extra precious "Moody Blues'" for you. The large version will convert your selection into the conversation piece of the month!