Pink Azalea

Pink Azalea

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This lovely azalea is how long the flowers blossom and how once they all open the plant looks like a giant snow ball of  pink amazing flowers.
It´s the ideal plant for the cold, winter season, in which you can find very few plants that have blossoming flowers. 

The Azalea is unique that way and therefore greatly appreciated as a present. 

It's loves half shade but can also last nicely in sunny spots, as long as it gets enough water :)

In shady spots it is suffice to water once or twice a week, or if it's raining regularly, you don't need to do any watering at all.

Please note that this is a seasonal plant, and only available during certain months of the year. The exact time period often varies a bit, depending on the temperature. If the plant is unavailable at time of your order, we will contact you to arrange an alternative option. Should we be unable to reach you in time, we reserve the right to choose a suitable alternative on your behalf in order to comply with your requested delivery date.