Silver Bead Beauty

Silver Bead Beauty

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Now this little beauty is our seasons special. It is the first time we have such a simple stunner among our seasonal wreath collection. 
It`s plated silvery shimmer brings an exclusive twist to an otherwise dark and cold season. It sparkles in the candle light and adds to a cosy atmosphere without losing elegance and style.
The wonderful thing about these "silver beads" is that you can use the wreath in various ways. May it be to hang on your front door, or foyer wall. You could also place it on the table as a modern and unique type of center piece. It could stand on it´s own, or frame a nice, chunky candle on your dinner table. 
Either way, it´s a fabulous design element, with little work or effort. 
Another thing we love about it, is the special effect of this plated silver look. It has a slight gold element to it, which brings special warmth to the icy look. 

Our silver crown is certainly one of our seasons new best sellers, so get your hands on it today!